Drop in Anchors

Drop in anchor is a type of fastener, which contains a hollow sleeve that expandable at one slotted end. There is an internal expander plug inserted in the other end of the sleeve. The drop in anchor is used to fix a construction elements (utility or decorative element) to a concrete surface or brick walls. When using a drop in anchor, there must have a pre-drilled hole at the concrete wall surface (target object). Then insert a drop in anchor into the pre-drilled hole (the slotted expandable end goes first), using a expansion tool to press the expandable plug inside, the slotted skirt end then expansion and firmly grip the sides of the hole. Then using a bolt or other threaded fastener to screw into the outward end of the drop in anchor (interal threaded side) to fix the constructional or decorative parts.

Drop in anchor usually made of carbon steel, with smooth round sleeve or knurled sleeve. We also offer brass and stainless steel drop in anchors. Regular sizes M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16.

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