Heavy Duty Expansion Anchors, 3 pieces or 4 pieces Shield

Heavy duty shild anchor is a kind of expansion joint, with 3 pieces or 4 pieces shilds, fixing with a hex head bolt, hook bolt or eye bolt. Its widely used in railway, bridge, heavy duty construction. The design of this expansion anchor is used to allow for the heat-induced expansion and reduction that takes place in various states of weather. They are often used in the construction of bridges and sidewalks. The joints proper may be something as simple as a caulk filled area that will give without coming open during climate changes, or some type of interlocking metal device that allows the teeth in the joint to move in response to changes in temperature and humidity levels. Expansion joints are usually placed at strategic points in the construction, making it possible for the sections to expand and contract slightly without weakening the overall structure.

  • 3 PCS Shield Anchor
  • 4 PCS Shield Anchor
  • Hook Expansion Anchor
  • Eye Expansion Anchor